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The Kupex Company Ltd., was founded in 1995 as a distribution company for poultry products from various important Slovak producers. Poultry products have been supplied to major retail chains, as well as small and medium-stores and catering facilities throughout the whole Slovak Republic. In 2000, the company began to distribute products under its own brand name KUPEX.

Four years later, in Voderady near Trnava, our company built a brand new plant for the production of poultry products and processing of poultry, with the help of subsidies from the European Union funds. This plant meets all hygiene, veterinary and food production standards of the European Union, which are overseen by a permanent veterinary supervision. In 2008, our company began to concentrate on the production of special poultry products, mainly on the production of prepared frozen kebab with which we supply the fast food stalls almost throughout the whole Slovakia, but also in Austria and Hungary.

Another activity is the production of juicy turkey and chicken breast and various poultry specialties. Since 2009, we have expanded the production with different brochettes and shaslik made of poultry and pork meat. In the year 2013 we obtained the BRC certificate. It is the global standard for food safety and quality and ensures the compliance with all requirements in the area of safety, quality and operational criteria. The philosophy of our company is to produce poultry products with a high proportion of manual labour and process products so that their final preparation was very fast, of course with an emphasis on quality.
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KUPEX spol. Ltd. Works with Hejaco BV hodn. V & S Foodspecialist.

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